The Katyn Massacre, 1940

House of Representatives Report No. 2505 of the 82nd U.S. Congress, December 1952: Final Report of the Select Committee to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Facts, Evidence and Circumstances on the Katyn Forest Massacre (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Katyn Memorial Wall at the Electronic Museum in Canada - powerful graphic images, list of names.

Photos of the exhumation

Katyn Memorial Organization in Australia - a comprehensive site with many links and documents.

National Katyn Memorial, Baltimore, MD

Intelligence in Recent Public Literature:
Book Review: Godís Eye: Aerial Photography and the Katyn Forest Massacre
by Frank Fox. West Chester, PA: West Chester University Press, 1999. 136 pages.
Reviewed by Benjamin B. Fischer, CIA historian

Documents of the British Foreign Office:
The Katyn Massacre: A Special Operations Executive perspective
The Katyn Massacre: Introduction & Background
Solidarity, Glasnost and the Soviet Admission, 1980-92
British reactions to the Katyn Massacre, 1943-2003

Our Shame Still Lies in Katyn Forest
by Kevin Myers, The Telegraph, London, April 2003

The Katyn Forest Massacre: Morals in American Foreign Policy:
a brilliant essay by Prof. Janusz Zawodny, 1993.