Polish American Congress
Washington Metropolitan Area Division

Thank you for you interest in the Polish American Congress.

This organization is devoted to serving the interests of those with Polish roots and all to who take an interest in things Polish and Polish-American.

Poles have made many noteworthy contributions to our country’s growth. There is a need to build on this proud record, to make others more aware of these contributions, and to foster an environment where we can continue to contribute.

To have a successful implementation of our objectives, the support and active involvement of all Polonia is needed. Share your talent and energy with us in a united effort. We need your support!

Annual membership dues are $50.00 for adults, $25 for students. If you can, please make an additional donation to help finance the special efforts of National Representation through the Washington DC office, or for the American Agenda and/or Polish Agenda, which are intended to serve the interests of Polonia.

Thank you,

Dr. Susanne Lotarski, President
Gloria Klepczynski, Corresponding Secretary and Membership Chair

To fill out a membership form:

  1. Click on the PDF form icon below
  2. You may fill in the form on-screen and print it, or print it first and fill it in by hand.
    The fields outlined in red are required.
  3. Print the form, fill it in, sign and date it.
  4. Have the form signed by PAC members who are your sponsors. If your sponsors are members of the Board of Directors, you may submit your application without signatures, and your sponsors will sign it at the next Board meeting.
  5. Mail the form, along with your check, to the address on the form, or give it to an Officer of the Division.
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We are sorry, but we cannot accept your application on-line --
we need your signature and dues payment. Thank you.