President Kaczynski's Visit to Zofia Korbonska
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Photos: Marcin Krawczyk, Embassy of the Republic of Poland

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Zofia Korbonska presents a new edition of her husband's book, symbolizing the transfer of the Korbonski Family library to the Warsaw Uprising Museum.  At righr is H.E. Janusz Reiter, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the U.S.
The small apartment was crowded with reporters. At left: Irena Mirecki, Vice-President of the Stefan Korbonski Foundation
The President presents the Grand Cross of the Order Polonia Restituta to Zofia.

A champagne toast is raised for Zofia.
To the right of the Ambassador: Beata Winid, wife of the DCM of the Embassy; a journalist; Lena Dabkowska-Cichocka, UnderSecretary from the office of the President; Jan Oldakowski, Director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Zbigniew Brzezinski arrives at Blair House for lunch with President Kaczynski.