Farewell to Ryszard Kuklinski
by his grandson, Michael

Commemoration at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
March 31, 2004

My grandfather was a great man. Over the last few years he was more than the grandfather to me. He was a father. He had little joy in his life. He was always trying to give me and my family a better life. When he wasn’t working he spent all of his time with me. We would go sailing, go bowling, would occasionally do some yard work. I would listen to him, I would enjoy many stories of his life and his opinions on history. This is where I would like you all to remember him. I never got to know my dad, because I lost him when I was four years old in a boating accident. But I certainly got to know my grandpa because he stepped into his shoes and taught me more than any teacher could ever hope to teach me. I want to make my grandfather proud, and to finish in Polish: Polska znaczyła wszystko dla mojego dziadka, i teraz dla mnie. [Poland meant everything to my grandfather, and now to me.]