Polish American Congress
Washington Metropolitan Area Division

Division Sponsoring a Participant to
Washington DC, June 19-24, 2011

The Division will sponsor one participant to the Youth Leadership Conference of the American Council for Polish Culture by covering the Conference fee of $500.

For a description of the program, requirements, application procedures, reports from past conferences, see http://polishcultureacpc.org/ylc/

Applicants will be considered for sponsorship by the Division if they meet the YLC requirements and are either members of the WMAD or family members of WMAD members wherever resident.

To apply for this sponsorship, submit all materials as directed on the ACPC website, but with two additional requirements - the application must be:

  1. received by the YLC Chair by April 15, 2011;
  2. accompanied by an additional cover page stating: "Applying for sponsorship by PAC Washington Metropolitan Area Division" and including the name and relationship of the WMAD member.